About us

Creativity that Resonates

Our Swedish company name, combined with our tagline, truly says it all. ‘Ljudmagi’ (Sound Magic) is what we offer, and ‘Kreativitet som hörs’ (Creativity that Resonates) is our guiding star.

“We are truly passionate about sound in all its forms and love the creative process. With a strong focus on innovation and modern technology, we continually strive for the perfect balance between creativity and quality."

– Kristoffer Folin, Founder

We have customers all over the world, but the majority are located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, England, and the USA.

Our headquarters is located in Västervik, but we also have access to excellent facilities in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, San Francisco, and New York.

You can come to us, or we can come to you! We are extremely flexible and always find ways to adapt to our customers’ needs. Our mobile solutions enable us to produce professional results wherever we work.

Collaborating with Ljudmagi is easy, efficient, and educational.

Our Services

Audio Ads, Audio Branding, Podcast Production, Voiceovers, Sound Design, Music Production, Content for Social Media, Strategies for Sound Marketing, and Education.

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Some Words from Our Customers

We are deeply committed to the customer experience and always strive for 100% customer satisfaction – this approach has proven to be a winning strategy!

“Ljudmagi is a highly professional company that works with an understanding of the big picture and contributes to effectively creating clear value in projects”

Mattias Andersson

Senior advisor and partner
Friends Agenda

“We chose Ljudmagi to produce our first podcast. They delivered a professional result throughout, and we are truly satisfied. We look forward to continuing our collaboration!”

Karin Otterhed

Global Product Manager
Mölnlycke Healthcare

“I find that Ljudmagi consistently overdelivers. I am extremely pleased with our collaboration across multiple projects!”

Erik Grönwall

Vocalist / artist
Skid Row / ex. Heat

“Ljudmagi delivers premium quality and consistently enhances the experience for all our listeners across the productions we collaborate on!”

Johanna Wiberg

Manager, Podplay
Bauer Media

“Translating a creator’s emotions into sound is not just an art but a science in which Ljudmagi absolutely dominates!”

Erik Myrlund

Radio and Podcast personality
Bauer Media

“Ljudmagi elevates the production to a whole new level! When I listen to the results afterward, I think, ‘Wow!”

Hasse Aro

TV and Podcast personality
Fallen jag aldrig glömmer

Our benefits

What Makes Ljudmagi Great?

Why do we have so many satisfied customers? There are many reasons, but here are some that they particularly appreciate:

Customer Focus

We consistently focus on the customer experience by communicating clearly and delivering assets on time.

Maximum Creativity

The creative process is central to all our projects. We love bending the rules and finding new ways forward.

Advanced Tools

Our passion for audio drives us to continually develop our tools and processes, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

Quality & Results

We always aim for our productions to be of the highest possible quality and to generate meaningful results for our customers.”


It all started with a broken tape recorder

Sometime during the 80s, our founder, Kristoffer, sat in his room recording his own radio shows. His ambition was high, but there was a serious issue – it sounded terrible!

The recordings were full of distorted noise, hissing, and all kinds of interference. No matter how he turned and twisted the knobs on the tape recorder, he just couldn’t achieve the wonderful sound quality that he heard on the kitchen radio.

His frustration grew over time, and one day he had enough – the tape recorder was subjected to a ‘Karate Kid’ move, and the panel of the recorder shattered into a thousand pieces. When the dust settled, a question arose: What is the best way to produce world-class audio?

That was the beginning of a 35-year-long journey that eventually led to the creation of Ljudmagi – a company that produces creative audio productions with world-class quality!

Today, we handle obstacles in a more sophisticated way, but the fundamental question remains to this day.

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